December 8th, 2020 | Business blogs

Blogging for business is a hugely valuable tool – here are what I consider to be the top 5 benefits. Let me know if you agree.  

  1. Boosts SEO – with an increasing number of people vying for attention online as more businesses turn to online sales to survive the pandemic, it is even more important to rank highly in those internet search engines. A constant stream of fresh content on your website is more likely to get your business noticed and help it stand out from the competition.
  2. Generates leads AND conversions – a business blog generates leads by encouraging more people to visit your site on a regular basis. But it is useful in the next stage too – by offering useful advice it can encourage people to buy from you. People want to work with people they trust (read more) and if you have a whole host of useful information on your site, it builds trust and encourages people to take the next step and place an order.
  3. Generates content for social media – yes it needs to be edited to suit each channel, but blogs can help generate content for your LinkedIn profile, Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter. Often simply the headline or first couple of sentences can be quickly adapted to create content for Twitter and more often than not, you can create numerous tweets from one blog by selecting various facts and useful information and posting them as individual tweets. Generating content for social media is in itself a time-consuming task, so being able to draw on original content from another source unique to your business is a huge help.  
  4. Positions your brand – a business blog should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. It should reflect your brand beliefs and values, just as any other part of your marketing communications does. It should let visitors to your site know what kind of company you are and how you can help them. Simply by having a blog with free tips and advice, visitors will assume a level of authority and in turn be far more likely to want to build a relationship with you.
  5. Free marketing – OK, so maintaining a business blog isn’t free, it’s either an investment in your time and/or resources, or it costs money to outsource to a dedicated blog writer. However, generating a regular blog provides an ongoing opportunity for others to share your content. Think about it, if one blog post is shared by just 5 people and they each have 100 followers, that’s 500 more people that have seen your brand than would have otherwise. Hopefully more people will share and each person that does will have more followers, so the opportunity for this additional free marketing is huge.

It’s not easy to build and maintain a business blog, it takes time and effort either from your in-house resources or external support, but with these benefits and more, it is a worthwhile investment.  

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