January 22nd, 2021 | Business blogs

Back in the days when we were allowed out, pre-lockdown, I booked a private cinema as a treat for myself and my film loving family. It was a small place tucked away in a pretty side street that a lot of people wouldn’t even know was there. We didn’t really know what to expect from the experience, but the place, the people and the whole atmosphere created something special. It wasn’t trying to be anything it wasn’t it was just people who loved films, sharing their passion with others. As soon as you walked in you could feel this honesty.

Stand out from the crowd

As business owners, this is something we all want to achieve – we want people to get a real sense of who we are and what we’re about and with any luck they’ll see we can offer something different. With a growing number of businesses operating online, it’s often the case that they don’t have a physical space to invite people into. Which isn’t a problem, but it does create the quandary of how we project ourselves to potential customers.

Build meaningful relationships

Blogs are a fantastic way to ‘let people in’ when you can’t physically let them into a shop or showroom. A blog allows you to be yourself and talk about the things that are important to you. You can even offer up opinions, which can be hard to do in other forms of marketing. All of which helps build trust between you and your visitors (https://blogwrite.co.uk/people-buy-from-people-they-trust/)

A blog can also go further than your general website copy because they are ongoing and (ideally) updated regularly. A good blog post should encourage readers to click on to other posts on your site and hang around for longer than they otherwise might, allowing them to get to know you better. Hopefully after reading your thoughts and musings, they’ll be able to develop a ‘feeling’ about you and your business.  And if the blogs have been written well, it’ll be an honest reflection of your business and the values you hold.

If you haven’t started yet, get blogging today and start to build a more meaningful relationship with your website visitors.

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