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When it comes to marketing copywriting for a business, the most obvious starting point is talking about the features and benefits of the company’s product or service. If you’re lucky, the business will have a lot of benefits so you can find a lot to say, but when you’ve ticked off every single one, what do you do? Start from the beginning again? While repetition is a good thing, there are ways to repeat yourself that work well, and other ways that are quite frankly, boring. Finding new angles to talk about your features and benefits is a great way to keep the copywriting pipeline full and interesting!

What is an angle in marketing copy?

If you’re not sure what I mean when I talk about finding new angles, I mean finding new ways to introduce the same message. Probably the easiest way to explain this is to give you an example.

Let’s say your company sells furniture. You have talked about all the different types of furniture you sell, why the items are of such good quality and value for money, but then what? One new angle you might consider is to quote the latest home interior trends to hit the market. Or you could talk about the latest report or newest statistics on how people’s posture is affected by the furniture they use and highlight relevant products in your range that might offer a solution. Or perhaps, if you have a sustainable range, you could talk about the latest government targets, or the most up to date statistics on recycling furniture – and use that to introduce your solution.

How many angles can there be?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you will run out of angles as quickly as you will run out of features and benefits. But the beauty of angles is that they change all the time. There are new reports and statistics being released regularly. There are national and industry news reports about different sectors every day, and the socio-economic context we’re all operating in is changing all the time.

Finding the best angle for your copy

So how do you come up with angles and keep them fresh and interesting for your audience? Here are a few prompts to give you some ideas.

  • Listen to the news. I know it can be depressing sometimes but scanning the news on a daily or at least weekly basis is useful for business purposes. It may not happen often, depending on the sector you work in, but every now and again your industry may get a mention on the national news, and this could give you an entirely new angle, or new reason to talk about your own products and business again.
  • Talk to your customers. You may feel you have a good handle on your customers’ opportunities and pain points, but things change for them as well as you. What was affecting them 12 months ago, may no longer be the case now. Make sure you stay close to your customers so when things change, you have your finger on the pulse and you can be talking about what matters to them, in your own marketing.
  • Research new reports or statistics – Quoting the latest research reports or statistics on trends in a specific marketplace is a great way to bring a new angle to your copy. For example an SaaS business that is offering new software to help businesses send bulk e-mails, might research how many companies are using e-mail marketing tactics in the current market place, or how successful e-mail marketing is proving to be. Once you have highlighted the opportunity, you can offer your software as a means of making the most of it.
  • What do you think? – If your business has been operating in your sector for a while, or if you or your team has a lot of experience, it’s very likely you’ll have something worthwhile to say about the marketplace, the type of products on offer in your sector, the next big trend, or what you think will happen in your sphere next. Give your opinion on something that matters to your audience, or the opinion of your company’s spokesperson.
  • Industry conferences and events – Whether it’s the latest industry exhibition or a big conference that impacts even a section of your offering, it’s worth attending to see what other people are talking about and gain some insight on other new products, trends, or circumstances. Any of these could spark ideas for new angles.

Still struggling to find new copywriting angles consistently?

Hopefully this quick guide will give you some inspiration when it comes to finding new ways to talk about the good things that you do. However, if you’re still struggling to find the time and effort needed to consistently research and create new angles, it might be worth talking to a freelance copywriter. I have written for some of my customers for years and still consistently come up with new angles and new ways of getting their messages across, so they don’t have to.

If you would like some support with your business blogs, feature articles, press releases, or content for your company LinkedIn page, feel free to drop me an e-mail to book in an exploratory call, or receive my price list.

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