September 14th, 2023 | Marketing

It can be tempting to put all your focus into SEO when you’re writing your business blog, but don’t forget blogging has another powerful purpose – giving prospects and customers a better insight into your brand values.

According to YouGov 44% of global consumers want to source products from businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible. But 60% of these consumers are mistrustful of green claims made by brands. In the UK alone, this figure jumps to 71%.

This is an issue whether talking about green issues, or simply trusting a business to provide the product or service you want. So, how do businesses win the trust of consumers?

Show off your personality

Business blogging is a fantastic way of letting customers get to know the real you. When done well, blogs are consistent, so provide visitors to your website with an ongoing insight into your business, your brand, and your ethos.

You may feel like you’ve covered all bases in the main body of your website copy, but where your website is hopefully a bit more sales-focused, concentrating on the key features and benefits of your offering, your blog can delve a little deeper and explore your thoughts, opinions, and feelings about wider issues and current market trends.

Blogs allow readers to gather information on a business or brand straight from the horse’s mouth. Over time, with a consistent and considered blog, you can show visitors to your site the real personality behind your offering.

Build an authentic business blog

The great thing about a business blog is that it’s not a one hit wonder and it doesn’t need to present a single perfect picture. It’s about building an authentic overview of your entire offering. Authenticity is about being genuine with your readers and not many of us are perfect all the time. It is as much about admitting mistakes as and when they happen and explaining how you are going to fix them, as it is talking about your success stories and how you have helped people.

People want to work with companies they feel are honest and believable – people they like and trust – and a business blog is a fantastic way to get your genuine personality across. If you need help writing a regular business blog, drop me a line at

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