April 29th, 2022 | Business blogs, Marketing

It’s no secret how little time you have to grab a visitor’s attention when they land on your website. It’s a matter of seconds. It’s a lot of pressure to perform and perform quickly. Then, when you have their attention, you must try and keep it. Business blogs are a fantastic way to draw visitors in and keep them on your site for longer than perhaps even they intended.

People have less time to think these days with a constant barrage of mixed media messages bombarding them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why websites need to deliver what visitors need quickly and easily. The only way to achieve this, and to keep the conversation up to date and relevant is to keep a business blog – a consistent stream of reliable facts and information.

Broaden the conversation

It’s about streamlining the process too. We all like to talk about ourselves, but unfortunately, apart from the headlines about what you offer and why you’re different, visitors are more interested in finding out about issues, best practice, advice, products, and services that directly affect them. A business blog is a great way to broaden the conversation with your audience and give them the information they want quickly and easily, in one place.

If you’re a dog trainer for example, you can offer all sorts of tips and advice about the proverbial best friend. Dog training tips is the obvious one, but you could also talk about different dog breeds, leads, collars, and toys. You could offer advice around key holidays – how to care for your dog during fireworks, or how to prepare your dog for a break from you while you go away in the summer. Or if you are a marketing agency, you could post about wider economic and social issues affecting your sector, as well as giving readers an insight into marketing techniques, pros, and cons.

Engage your audience for longer

Once you have a full and varied blog to offer, it’s useful to encourage people to land on your blog as a first stop to your company website, or at the very least have easy access to your blog from the home page. This is a fantastic way to keep their journey moving and streamlining the process for them. If you can pull them in with a recent blog offering, you can include links to other relevant blogs to keep them engaged with you for longer. You can also include links to other pages on your site, to help them get all the information they need.

Build trust with a genuinely useful resource

Ultimately, if your website can deliver what your visitor is looking for, they will stay on your site for longer and even come back later, when they need help again. Building that trust between you and your target market, is a great way to start the process for gaining inbound leads – after all we all want to buy products or services from people we trust.

If you would like to draw people onto your site by creating a genuinely useful resource, but don’t have the time to populate a business blog, I’d love to help. Please e-mail me for more information about the blog packages I offer at helen@blogwrite.co.uk  

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