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When you start to work with anyone new, whether a new employee, customer or supplier, you’re opening yourself up to a degree of vulnerability. What if you don’t get on? What if they let you down? It can be even harder if you’re a small business or a brand new venture. Trusting someone enough to manage your accounts and keep confidentialities for example or write your business blog and present the public face of your company, requires careful consideration.

Trust your instincts

To be successful in business you need to be able to work with other people, so you have to trust someone at some point (, but how do you choose who to trust and just how much faith should you place in them? It is in our nature to trust what people tell us, but on the flip side we all have that internal voice telling us to beware. And that’s a good thing, we need to be careful so to a certain extent it’s OK to trust your instincts. If you like the look and feel of a supplier’s website, LinkedIn profile or Instagram page for example, and if you have a chat on the phone and you feel there are synergies between you, the likelihood is there are. Go with your instincts to find a supplier that you feel will work well with your business.

Horses for courses

Even if someone is exceptionally good at their job, they may simply not be a fit for your company. That doesn’t make either of you right or wrong, good or bad, but it’s horses for courses and people will get on better with one type of person over another. We had a similar thing choosing the right school for our children. We are lucky enough to have two primary schools on our doorstep but both employed very different approaches. One was very results driven while the other placed more emphasis on wellbeing and community spirit than academic results. One of these was clearly the right choice for us, but I don’t believe for a second it would be right for every child in the neighbourhood. Different children have different needs, and it’s no different for adults or even businesses. Take the time to find the people you want to work with. If you keep looking and don’t settle for second best, you will find the right fit for you.

Outsourcing your business blog

One of the things more businesses are outsourcing in 2021 is the writing of their company blog. When it comes to writing your business blog, it may feel like an extra leap of faith is needed because it’s so personal to your organisation and culture.  It’s your opportunity to voice your opinions, not somewhere for various freelance copywriters to showcase their various writing styles. However, if you can find someone you trust to work with as part of your company on a consistent basis, you may find you can confidently delegate this task for the benefit of your business now and in the long run.

The right copywriter can often bring the benefit of broader copywriting experience to your specific sector. They will spend time learning about your business, what you want to talk about and the topics and phrases you want to avoid at all costs. The result should be a hassle free and affordable way to keep your blog going that feels right, allowing you to carry on with the important day to day running of your business.

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