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Why do so many of us struggle to ask for help? I’m among the guilty – I would almost always rather battle on alone and spend more time and resources on sorting a problem out myself, or work my way through a virtually impossible to do list, than ask for help. Sometimes with hindsight I can’t believe I pushed myself so hard, rather than draft in support. As I’ve got older and wiser (sort of!) I have become more aware and make more of an effort to overcome this reluctance. But it is still an effort.

I know I’m not alone either. And we do it for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps because we’re control freaks that honestly believe we can do it better than anyone else, or maybe because we’re introverted and find it hard to open ourselves to up people. Some people also think it is a sign of weakness to admit they need help.

Don’t be a hero

Now I think the opposite is true and that it is a sign of strength to ask for help when you need it. It’s impossible for us all to be the best at everything – which means there may be people that can take something off you and do it even better.

It can be particularly difficult to ask for help in business, especially when you have built your own company just how you want it. It’s a precious thing that you have nurtured and developed over time – what if you delegate and someone lets you down? It’s a tough question, but it might also be useful to ask what if you delegate and that someone gives you an even better product or service? What if by delegating, you free you up enough time to do what you’re good at and what actually earns revenue – running your business?

Blog Back-Up

I’m obviously going to use the example of blogging because that’s what I do, and there are two ways you can draft in help with your business blog. The first is to invite guest bloggers to write for your site. If you’re fairly new to a sector, this may mean asking for favours from people, or paying people a small amount to use their expertise to market your business. The second, more sustained way to get help with your blog is to employ a professional blog writer to copywrite it for you. It may require a deep breath to let go of the reigns – after all, your blog is your opportunity for your voice to be heard. But a good blog writer will learn your voice and work with you to make sure your blog is still saying everything you want it to say about you and your business. As well as offering you the benefit of additional time to dedicate to other aspects of the organisation.

Blogging is obviously just an example. The same applies in all other areas of business and probably your personal life too if you fall into this personality type. If you start delegating the small things to begin with, maybe one day you’ll be able to hand over some of the larger tasks that take up so much time. Never be too proud to ask for help.

Do you struggle to keep all the balls in the air? If so, do you delegate and how successful has that been for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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